“I have worked with Harry extensively for over a decade. His direction and instincts are spot-on. His feel for the art of voiceover has been honed and perfected with some of the best in the business.  He also happens to be a very nice man and a stand up guy.”  

— Rino Romano

“I saw Harry’s interview on VO Buzz Weekly and immediately related to his take on the art of interpreting copy and finding what your role is within the concept of the promo!”

— Joe Cipriano

“It is no mere coincidence that I booked 2 new promo campaigns after a couple sessions with Harry. His insights and direction are invaluable if you’re looking to work more consistently in the promo arena. As a working promo producer/director, he gives you the perspectives you need and don’t have as a talent. He will help you to stand out from the crowd in your auditions, and imbue you with a confidence you need to be successful. I highly recommend coaching with Harry.”

— Glenn Steinbaum

“What you learn from Harry Dunn and what I learned, will help you for your entire voice over career. Harry helps you find the secrets to every word. He is sincere and the top of his game. I highly recommend.”  

— Roger Rose

“As a Voice Actor, I rely on direction. Proper direction from a focused creative who knows what they want in my performance is key. In my 23 years in the Voiceover business, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best and worst directors and creatives in the business.  The best ones were also able to teach me things along the way. They could get a different sound from me—show me how me how to interpret the copy in an entirely new light.

Working with Harry Dunn is like working with a fine tuned machine. He knows exactly what he wants, and how communicate this to the talent. He gets it because he’s doing it. Every day Harry Dunn is creating for Mainstream Television. He is a skilled professional working full-time in the industry—and learning from a teacher who’s working in the industry makes all the difference.”

— Zac Fine

“Harry is sheer awesomeness. Besides being a great guy, his familiarity with the ins and outs of the promo industry has proved invaluable in helping his students. Among the many great things I learned from him, I booked my first promo campaign–Fox’s Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life–by auditioning with a style of promo reading that I did not know about at all until he taught it to me (“Dudespeak”). If you’re looking to refine your promo skills, then I simply cannot think of a better person to learn from!”

— Dave Wallace

“What makes Harry such an incredible Producer and Promo coach is his wealth of experience in the business that he brings to every session. I rely on getting concise, specific and good direction in a session and from a client and Harry knows exactly what he wants and how to get the best from me, which is key for a voice actor. Because Harry also works as a full time Promo Producer, he is on the pulse of what’s current and what’s next in promos. Each session from him I learned so much and was able to take that knowledge and up my game. I was so impressed with his coaching that I had him produce my Promo demo which got me appointments with some major LA talent agencies. Regardless of whether you’re just starting out in voice overs or a seasoned professional, Harry is the man who will help you elevate your skills and success in voice overs.

— Jason Watt

“I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with Harry Dunn for 10 years! His expertise, guidance, and understanding of the voice over world has been invaluable to my development as a talent in this industry. He is hands down one of the best for directing and producing VO talent whether you’re just beginning or you’re working for a major network. If voiceover is your chosen craft, then Harry Dunn is certainly someone who can help you hone it!”

— Nick Gismondi
Host, Producer, VO Talent for Universal Sports Network